Trilobite motorcycle clothes embody timelessness and modern design at the same time. It speaks both to old bikers reflecting on the past and to the future generation. Get to know Trilobite jeans!

Not just motorcycle jeans, but an old-new way of life

Safe motorcycling is no longer a question. While a few ten years ago, a worn-out pair of jeans seemed to be enough for deserted, dusty country roads, with today's traffic ethics, it's not that it's not enough, but it's downright dangerous. At the same time the history of jeans is intertwined with that of motorcycling , it is about as possible to forget and replace it as to call national road 66 road 99 from now on.

Could there be a middle ground, where we can indulge in the old motorcycle traditions, but at the same time we can set off with a calm heart?

Yes, with Trilobite motorcycle pants and jackets.

Protects like cordura, only more stylish

At first glance, it doesn't appear that there is anything "extra" about these jeans. Actually, that's all there is. Almost with invisible protection wraps around: elbow, shoulder, spine and hip protectors, further strengthened by DuPont Kevlar. Both on pants and jackets adjustable vents make riding even more comfortable. THE stretch inserts they do not oppress the elbows and knees, the thermal lining on the jackets is replaceable. More outer pocket , and inner pockets on the jacket help you not have to carry a separate tank bag with you.

Choose the Trilobite motorcycle jacket and pants that suit your own style!

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