Have you broken down or want to transport your motorcycle?

Look for Miki Koronczi, he will be there in a moment! +36 20 451 1370

In Budapest: HUF 12,500

In the countryside: HUF 6,000 + HUF 190/km (the round-trip mileage must also be calculated)

Abroad : unique pricing that includes the following elements: HUF 6,000 + HUF 190/km + foreign highway tolls + other costs (accommodation, parking, ferry, etc.).

Standby fee (on weekdays from 6 p.m. to 9 a.m., as well as on weekends and holidays): basic fee + HUF 7,000

The prices are net prices and do not include VAT.

*A csillaggal jelölt mezők kitöltése kötelező.

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