GIVI Touring Box C30NT

33.900 Ft
Accessories All Products Touring box
Monolock technology load capacity: 3 kg capacity: 29 liters the set contains a universal fixing plate options: backrest, SL101 safety lock

GIVI Touring Box B37NT

54.900 Ft
All Products Touring box
Monolock technology; load capacity: 3 kg; capacity: 37 liters

Givi Touring box V47N

114.900 Ft
Accessories All Products Touring box
"Monokey technology; double wall design; aluminum cover on the lid; thanks to the new closing mechanism, the lid closes with very little pressure; the...

GIVI E370N hiking box

47.900 Ft
Accessories All Products Touring box
"Monolock technology; load capacity: 3 kg; capacity: 39 liters; the box lid can be easily changed to a different color; the set includes a...

GIVI Trek hiking box OBKN42A

144.900 Ft
All Products Tour Touring box
monokey technology; load capacity: 10 kg; capacity: 42 liters

Customer Reviews


Karasna Motorcycle Shop

Competent service


A very well-equipped shop, with patient, helpful and knowledgeable service! They don't sell the cheap products, but the quality is maximum! I recommend the shop to all motorcyclists!

motor biztosítás karasna

Engine service

First Class


Honda quality, no need to explain. Friendly, qualified staff in the salon and in the service department. First class


New engine

I can only recommend!


I visited the salon for parts. As always, the ordered parts were procured smoothly and quickly. I can only recommend it to all Honda motorcycle owners.


Motorcycle Shop

Excellent offer!


Competent staff, perfect information and excellent offer.

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