Selling a used motorcycle seems simple at first. It's actually more time-consuming than you might think. Taking the perfect photos, gathering the engine data and painstakingly writing the description is just the beginning. Then the buyer doesn't come. But even if he does come, he'll probably ask questions that make you blink like a fish in a bag. And when he is there, then come the new maddening questions, the snarling, the bargaining...

Would it be nice if your time wasn't spent on such things? If somebody it would place the ad for you , write the catchy marketing text and would welcome those interested questions?

Then your motorcycle will be in good hands with us! Roll your used motorcycle into the Karasna Honda Motorsalon and leave the sales to us !

Commission motorcycle sales Karasna

Why choose the Karasna team to sell your used motorcycle?

  • Because your bike professional motorcycle dealers offered for sale
  • Thousands of people interested in motorcycles in our community your motorcycle can find a new owner
  • If necessary, our specialist service precisely prepares your motorcycle for sale

You only have to take care of these:

  • Valid driving license and pedigree (service book optional).
  • A certificate of a condition survey not older than 1 month, which you can also have done in our service

What we offer you:

  • 1 month of free storage in our service (every additional month gross HUF 10,000)
  • 5% brokerage fee, or min. HUF 125,000 (depending on the value of the engine, as agreed)

We are also at your disposal for further administration related to the sale of a motorcycle!

Optional administrations:

  • origin test: HUF 15,500 / HUF 17,000 (depending on year, kW)
  • transcription, the cost of which is:
    • property acquisition tax: depends on the type of engine
    • traffic permit: HUF 6,000
    • pedigree: HUF 6,000
  • the fee for optional administrations: HUF 10,000

If you have any questions, contact our colleague Ádám Arató at +36 70 387 7807 or at the e-mail address!

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