Just as in the case of passenger cars, all motorcycle owners must have motorcycle insurance with which they can participate in road traffic.

Among the motor insurances, the same legislation applies to compulsory motor insurance as for cars, i.e. no longer the cylinder volume, in the case of motors, not the stroke volume, but the power of the motor engine, the classification of motors is done, and thus the mandatory rates for them are also established , which, thanks to the change, has increased compared to recent years.


There are things that wear down even the toughest of men. For example, due to damage to their motorcycle, they have to give up their main passion, motorcycling.

However, those who are already thinking about what they will take tomorrow, can save themselves from painful losses with the help of Motor Casco.

Calculate your obligation and your Casco premium with our colleague Károly Balogh ! Call +36 20 399 8693 or email!

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