The Honda brand name has become one with the concept of motorcycling. In every Honda motorcycle lies the passion, curiosity and experience that draws the rider to the road or race track. Eternal passion for travel, unfathomable desire for racing. The sound of Honda engines strikes a chord with the biker's heart and is the perfect companion for a lifelong adventure.

"The measure of the value of life is how many times your soul has been touched." - Soichiro Honda

In the Karasna motorcycle showroom, we help you choose the right Honda motorcycle for you!

Whether it's a nimble city scooter, a mountain-conquering touring bike, or a power machine that plows the racetrack, you'll find the ideal bike for you in our range. And if you are still unsure about the right choice, our staff will help match you with the right one!

You can view the entire range of Honda engines by clicking here !

If you have any questions, contact our colleague Károly Balogh on the phone number +36 20 399 8693 or ask him your question at the e-mail address !

2023 Honda motorcycle price list

Honda motorcycle 2023 price list
Honda motorcycle 2023 price list

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