Karasna motorcycle driving technique training

BRR School – Bódis Ricskó Riding School

Motorcycle driving technique training can come in handy if you have a new motorcycle and you feel that the few hours on the routine track were not enough, or if you have been riding a motorcycle for a long time, but you want to confidently handle the iron rumbling beneath you.

Bódis Bódis, European Cup champion speed motorcycle racer , considers it a matter of his heart to pass on the experiences and knowledge he has acquired during his career so far, thus helping safe road motorcycling and accident prevention.

Course of education:

The training itself takes place on a closed competition course , but you should expect non-competitive training.

During the theoretical presentation, we will talk about the basic rules of track motorcycling and the correct behavior on the track. Comfort plays an important role, since in the case of an uncomfortable sitting position or protective equipment, we will not be able to practice safely and concentrate on the track, just like on the street.

The most important elements of street motorcycling cannot be left out of our training, as well as the basic knowledge of authentic track motorcycling: we cover the parameters of posture and motorcycle handling from the basics to the advanced level, individually tailored.

Before we get on the bike, we take over the ideal curves of the current track as part of a video tutorial - as if we were driving on a serpentine.

When we get on the bike, we go around with external and internal monitoring to gather even more information about what needs to be improved in the participants' riding style and motorcycle handling.

If we have piqued your interest or if you have any questions, please contact us and we will be at your disposal. We can guarantee that you will enjoy it very much.

Who do we recommend?

  • For starters
  • For beginners
  • For regular bikers
  • For those who want to learn
  • For those changing to a new engine
  • Those who are unsure of how to manage their motorbike

Education Topics:

  • Theory
  • Video education
  • Exercise
  • Riding a motorcycle with a ramp
  • Independent motorcycling (with external and internal monitoring)
  • Continuous assessment at each stage
  • Closing (summary of what was learned)


  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Location: Kakucs Ring
  • Arrival: 11:30
  • Price: HUF 50,000
  • What we provide: fresh coffee, still water, sandwiches

You definitely need these to participate in the training:

  • Voucher confirming purchased training
  • Your own motorcycle is prepared and in good technical condition
  • Protective gear:
    • protective pants
    • protective jacket
    • protective gloves
    • boots that cover the ankles (preferably motorcycle boots)
    • spine protector (if it is in the jacket, it is already sufficient)
    • closed crash helmet (optionally double D-ring)
  • Be relaxed, because then we will improve as much as possible during the education!
  • You can participate in the program even without a license, as the training takes place on a closed course.

After the purchase, you can register for the predetermined dates. The purchased voucher can be used until December 31 of the given year.

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