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Shoefanatic Barbara

Ádám Rákóczi

Gábor Rejtő


For the "Karasna " Summer Motorcycle Photo " Facebook promotional game

Organizer: Hatabi Kft. (hereinafter Organizer)

Headquarters : 1132 Budapest, Váci út 40.

Company registration number : 01-09-677690

Tax number: 11807179-2-41

I. Scope of the Game Rules

These contest rules (hereinafter: Rules) have been issued by the Organizer for the "Summer Motorcycle Photo" Facebook promotional game to be held in 2022 (hereinafter: Game).

The Organizer declares that this Game announced by it does not fall under the XXXIV of 1991 on the organization of gambling. subject to the law.

The Game is independent from Facebook, Facebook does not support or participate in it.

The scope of these Game Rules extends to the Game announced by the Organizer, as well as to those participants (hereinafter: Player) who participate in the Game in accordance with the conditions defined below, and to anyone who asserts a claim or object in connection with the Game.

By participating in the Game, the Player fully accepts the terms of these Game Rules, including the data management provisions. The Player acknowledges that before participating in the Game, it is his duty to inform himself in advance about the provisions of the Game Regulations, and he may not rely on failure to do so in order to create obligations or obtain benefits. If the Player does not agree with the conditions contained in these Game Regulations or does not meet the conditions prescribed therein, he is not entitled to participate in the Game. The Organizer is entitled to exclude such a Player from the Game at its own discretion.

The Player declares that his registration data is true.

II. Persons participating in the Game

Natural persons over the age of 14 who have a valid Facebook profile and the Karasna Honda Facebook page ( ) July 2022 can participate in the Game. The question posed in the post published on the 16th is answered correctly.

A person who - at the time of acceptance of the conditions of participation - has reached the age of 14, but has not yet reached the age of 18, or is considered to be a person with limited capacity for other reasons, for the substantive administration of the Prize, the receipt and use of the Prize, and the he is only entitled to consent to data management according to these Game Rules together with his legal representative or guardian - in the case of divorced parents, together with the parent exercising parental supervision.

Persons employed by the Organizer or in other legal relationships related to work, the owners, senior officers, members of the supervisory board, representatives of these legal entities and all these persons may not participate in the Game. close relatives according to

Only persons with a permanent address in Hungary or a place of residence in Hungary may participate in the Game.

The Organizer reserves the right to exclude the Player from the Game and to apply legal liability (initiate compensation, possibly criminal proceedings) against the Player who:

  1. a) wants to gain an advantage during the Game by influencing the course of the Game, hacking its website, or in other unfair ways,
  2. b) misuses the data of another Player or person (e.g. Facebook profile);
  3. c) jeopardizes the fair conduct of the Game in any way.

The Organizer reserves the right to judge the cases leading to exclusion at its own discretion.

III. The process of conducting the Game, application and participation in the Game

The Player can participate in the Game if, during the duration of the Game, he complies with the description in the post posted on the Karasna Honda Facebook page ( on July 16, 2022. The winner will be displayed by the Organizer at the end of the Game on the Facebook page of Karasna Honda.

Players have the option to remove the comment, in which case their entry into the Game will be automatically revoked. Only those Players who have a valid comment at the time of the draw after the end of the Game can participate in the draw. All consequences resulting from the removal of the comment are borne by the Players themselves.

Players have the opportunity to modify the comment. You can participate in the draw only if the most recently modified version of your post contains the correct answer to the request raised in the post.

If the withdrawal of consent in connection with the processing of personal data occurs during the Game Duration or before the Prizes are handed over, the Player will not participate in the Game or lose their right to the Prize. After the Prize has been handed over, the Player may not make any statement that is contrary to his commitment contained in these Game Rules.

Each Player is entitled to win in the Game only once and is entitled to write a comment in the Game only once. In the case of multiple comments from a Player, the Organizer will take into account the comment made at the latest.

ARC. Duration of the Game

The starting date of the Game: July 16, 2022, which is the date of elimination of the entry participating in the Game.

Closing date of the Game: August 12, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

Players can participate in the Game between the start and end times of the specified Game.

A. Entry into the Game

On July 16, 2022, the following post will appear on the Facebook page:

"The text of the game post.

📣 Summer motorcycle game! 📣

We are looking for the most creative motorcycle photo of the summer! If you have a really special photo of you and your motorcycle hidden in your smartphone, you can now win a HUF 10,000 Karasnás voucher with it!

We are waiting for the pictures in the comments under the post or send them to!

Game rules can be found here: (link to the uploaded game rules)"

VI. Prizes

During the Game, a total of 3 Karasna vouchers will be drawn, each with a gross price of HUF 10,000 and redeemable within 1 year at the Karasna motorcycle shop (1132 Budapest, Váci út 40.) for any clothing, accessory or service. The voucher cannot be used for the purchase of new or used motorbikes.

VII. Lottery

The Prizes will be drawn on August 15, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. at the Organizer's headquarters

The Prizes will be drawn in front of the 3-member lottery committee, which will be recorded. The Draw is not open to the public.

VIII. Winners, alternate winners and their notification, awarding of prizes

The Organizer will publish the list of Winners on . At the same time as registering in the Game, the Players accept that their name given on their Facebook profile will be published by the Organizer when the results are announced. To receive the Prize, the Winner must contact the Organizer at one of the contact details provided at the time of the announcement of the results. If the Winner fails to make contact within 5 working days, he/she will automatically forfeit his/her Prize. In this case, an alternate winner will be announced.

5 additional winners will also be drawn in the Lottery. The alternate winners will replace the winners in the order of the draw, if the winning Player removes the comment after registering for the Game but before the time of the Draw, does not apply for the Prize to the Organizer, renounces the Prize, or is excluded from the Game. The rules governing the winner apply to the alternate winner if he replaces the winner.

The Organizer will deliver the Prize to the Winner by post to the address provided during contact. The Organizer is not responsible for damages resulting from an incorrect address provided by the Winner. Fulfillment of any tax obligations after the Prize is the responsibility of the Organizer. The cost of postal delivery is borne by the Organizer.

IX. Data protection, data management

The provision of data provided during participation in the Game was voluntary and in possession of appropriate information.

The legal basis for data management is the Player's voluntary declaration of consent to data management, which occurs simultaneously with registration for the Game and acceptance of these Regulations.

By participating in the Game, the Player:

a) gives his voluntary and express consent to the fact that his data, and in the case of a winner, his name, as well as his voluntarily provided personal data essential for the delivery and acceptance of the prize, will be used by the Organizer only for participation in the Game and its conduct, as well as during the draw and only to the extent necessary for this, and for a period of time, it shall be registered, managed, and used in accordance with the legal regulations in force at all times, especially CXII of 2011 on the right to informational self-determination and freedom of information. by complying with the law (Infotv.);

b) gives his voluntary and express consent to the Organizer publishing his name in the manner specified in these Regulations if he wins;

c) acknowledges that the Organizer does not use the Players' data for purposes other than those specified in these Regulations.

The Organizer guarantees that data management is carried out in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. The Organizer provides the Player with the opportunity at any time to request information about the management of his personal data, to request their deletion or correction from the Organizer, whose contact details have been deleted above. In addition, the Player has the right to object to the processing of his personal data. If, based on his protest, he does not agree with the decision made by the Organizer, the Player may appeal to the court.

The Organizer will destroy the data list used for the draw of the Game after the purpose of the treatment has ceased.

X. Other Provisions

Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

The Organizer undertakes to pay the personal income tax that may be directly applicable to the prize, the cost of postal delivery of the prize and the payment of any additional tax or other possible contribution directly arising in connection with the prize. However, other costs incurred in connection with the Game shall be borne by the Player.

The Organizer reserves the right to unilaterally change these Game Rules. If during the Game there is a suspicion of abuse or behavior that may give rise to abuse, the Organizer reserves the right to pause or cancel the Game, or to exclude the person who committed the abuse from the Game. In such a case, the Organizer excludes all liability.

The Organizer is not responsible if the Organizer's website or Facebook page is temporarily unavailable for technical reasons during the Game. The Player acknowledges that the content, performance, message and data transmission, and response speed of the Game's technical infrastructure depend on the server technology, and thus these may be adversely affected by factors outside the Organizer's control, such as (but not limited to) connection errors, the server performance of computers and maintaining a secure network connection. The Organizer excludes all liability arising from what is written in this paragraph.

The governing law for this Game and Game Rules is Hungarian law.

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